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A wide range of kitchen benchtops

Types of kitchen benchtops are quite varied, so when you decide to upgrade your existing kitchen or you are building a new kitchen, we recommend you consider stone for your benchtop and splash-backs. Apart from the fact that you’ll have an incredible choice of colours you’ll also be able to choose from a range of stone with different price advantages, making it possible to fit within your budget and what suits the style of your home.

Adds value to your home

 Apart from enjoying a unique look for your kitchen or bathroom, each stone has its own particular colour, veining, pattern, and natural characteristics. You not only get to enjoy how beautiful it looks, you can be assured that should you choose to move sometime in the future, it will assist in selling your home.

So what’s the range of stone tops for me to choose from?

The Natural Stone Range:


Here are a number of types of kitchen benchtops in stone to consider, the first one is granite. It is very popular as it is very durable, offering a really unique and beautiful look to your kitchen or bathroom. Because it has a polished finish, you will not have to worry about spillages staining the benchtop. Instead it is an easy to clean surface. All you need is a wipe with a cloth and some warm water to clear up the mess.


This stone is resistant to scratching and stains, it also has microbial and heat- resistant properties, making it particularly ideal for kitchen work surfaces. There’s a wide range of kitchen benchtops colours available that’s sure to match whatever your internal design style is.


Very much a traditional classical stone that adds value to any home. It’s functional, great looking with its bright white appearance, and gives off a wonderful luxurious look.


Known for its affordability as an alternative to marble, you can still get the same luxurious look of marble, but with a much lower cost. Perfect if you are on a tight budget and pleasantly offers a non-porous finish requiring very little maintenance.


This product goes back thousands of years, offering a timeless look for kitchen and bathroom tops. Comes in a variety of colours, which include white, cream and occasionally, green.

Reconstituted/Engineered Stone Range

Should you be in the market for one of the types of kitchen benchtops in stone, we recommend you consider engineered stone as it is not only fantastic looking, it’s easy to care for and long lasting. Overtime it has been extremely popular instead of natural stone finishes, because it not only comes in a wide range of kitchen benchtops colours, it also has many advantages.

Some advantages:

  • It’s hard to distinguish between engineered stone and natural stone
  • Engineered stone worktops are non-porous, unlike some natural stone
  • Material is resistant to scratches and cuts, but recommend using a cutting board
  • Unlike natural stone, engineered is resistant to stains
  • An incredible range of colours and styles to choose from
  • Engineered stone is ideal for many applications around the home, particularly for kitchen and bathroom tops.

Porcelain Range

Porcelain could be labelled as the perfect all-rounder for homeowners. The product has a wide range of types of kitchen benchtops finishes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application because of its high UV resistance. It’s tough and hygienic, heat and fire resistant, and featuring high density and low porosity. Absolutely ideal in the kitchen as you can have it around gas cooktops and ovens.

Porcelain has many uses around the home, inside and outside. It’s ideal for benchtops, vanity tops splash-backs and wall cladding and flooring. It can even be used for furniture fronts, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.

On top of all that you can get some wonderful colours to suit any internal or external design and it offers great value for money.

What about other finishes?

Laminate benchtops

 If you are on a tight budget then a laminate benchtop give you a good option. There is a very large choice of colours available that can look like some of the more expensive stones. It’s resistant to staining and very easily kept clean, however it is subject to scratching and is not suitable for putting hot saucepans on as it will scorch the benchtop. Therefore you have to be mindful of using a cutting board and remember not to place hot pans on the top.

Timber benchtops

 Timber benchtops seem to be a finish of the past, however if you consider the different types of wood available, you can create contrasting finishes that look good. The finished product will need to be coated with either a food-safe oil or polyurethane, but the disadvantage is that you’ll need to re-apply the coating once a year to remain effective, unfortunately, this will incur sanding back the top and then re-applying the protected finish.

Solid Surface

A remarkable finish that just about covers off everything you’d want in a kitchen benchtop, or indeed any worktop. It can be molded to fit any space, it allows installation in one piece, it’s scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant and can be used both inside and outside due to its high UV resistance. The product can be used in many applications around the home, adding beauty wherever it’s used. There’s an enormous range of colours and textures available to suit any décor

There are endless possibilities for the product such as:

  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Bathroom Worktops
  • Outdoor Worktops
  • Indoor Floors
  • Bathroom and Pool Floor Coverings
  • Outdoor Terrace Floor Coverings
  • Indoor Walls
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Exterior Walls
  • Stairs

Images: Complement of Caeserstone Australia

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