Complete Home Fit-Outs

If you are looking to upgrade areas of your home, look no further than Antry for residential complete home fit-outs. Our design consultants are continuously kept up to date with all the latest materials and fittings that will complement your latest fit-out in your home.


Whether it’s for a new build home, an existing home fit-out or a commercial property, Antry’s team of professionals will put together a comprehensive plan that will incorporate a range of finishes that will give you enormous pleasure as well as enhance you property value.


What about a new wardrobe in that convenient space? You’ve often wanted to include another wardrobe to take care of the growing family needs. Just contact Antry for residential complete home fit-outs to work out the best way to achieve this with minimal fuss and disruption. Big or small, we’re here to sort this for you at very reasonable prices.


Have you considered doing something with that existing fireplace and creating a beautiful surround in stone or brick, or maybe a purpose built molding that would complement your existing décor? Talk to us today to see what we can do to transform the fireplace into a wonderful feature. :


Now where are you going to keep all those bricks? A new library is the answer. Let Antry’s residential complete home fit-outs design consultants come up with a design that will blow your mind, and not too expensive either.

Wine Cellars

Antry has designed and installed a number of home cellars for our clients. Mindful of keeping your collection in top order, including temperature control and other requirements for wine collecting our design consultants can point you in the right direction. You don’t necessarily need an underground cellar, but simply a purpose built room where temperature, humidity and light control is ideal for storing your wine collection.


Have you ever considered a home gym where you and your family can keep fit and healthy? An Antry designed gym will consider all the aspects of your home, where it best fits and how it suits your needs. Give us a call for an obligation free consultation. 

How about your outside area?

Antry has a reputation of coming up with magnificent outdoor entertainment areas. A place where you and your guests can sit around and enjoy a pre-dinner drink before enjoying a fabulous barbecue cooked on your magnificent outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor design consultants can come up with a comprehensive fit-out that includes alfresco dining, flooring, wall cladding and seating in the entertainment area. Just imagine how much pleasure you will get on a lovely summer evening entertaining friends and family with an Antry residential complete home fit-outs.

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